Sunday, April 26, 2020

Review: Burned by Her Devotion - Melinda Leigh

Burned by Her Devotion (Rogue Vows, #2)

Review: Burned by Her Devotion - Book #2 Rogue Vows Novella Series - Melinda Leigh - November 2016
This sleepy town of Solitude is about to get woken up again as a popular reality TV star who was in town filming his cop show Chase Ryan has turned up murdered and then on top of that, the night before a female stalker tried to bomb and set fire to a barn which contained Carly and Seth's daughter Brianna inside. Brianna is nice and safe and Toby who was Chase's friend and assistant is sitting in prison after confessing to the murder and the stalker is off in the wind. It seems they have things nicely tied up but of course, things are never that simple in Solitude, Oregon as our first incident happens when Seth and his partner are transporting Toby in the back of their squad car and they are hit by a truck. The book then has Seth and his friends on the force hunting down for Toby who is now on the run. Meanwhile, Carly has her hands full as our stalker had a young daughter Alex who has now run away from the home that Carly had placed her in.  Carly believes she is on the run to meet up with her mother and in danger. However, what happens when Carly learns that everything was an act and that looks and judgments can be deceiving and she finds herself in danger as someone out there is determined to finish Alex's aka Chase Ryan's last episode as the show finished on a cliffhanger and now Carly and Toby are the main attractions.
Burned by her Devotion was another good mystery from Melinda Leigh and if you are looking for a new US Mystery author to add to your reading lists, you won't be disappointed with Melinda Leigh.

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