Review: Gargoyle Huntress - Jen Pretty

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Gargoyle Huntress (Harlow's Demons #1)

Review: Gargoyle Huntress - Book #1 Harlow's Demons - Jen Pretty - April 2019
This particular book attracted me via the cover as I can often be a sucker for a good book cover. I also was intrigued by the gargoyles storyline as I haven't read any books that feature gargoyles as most paranormal/supernatural books focus on the main creatures like Vampires and Zombies. What I loved about this book was that within each gargoyle is a little cheeky half-demon that reminded me in my mind of naughty little gremlin/Ewok characters running around. Harlow is a gargoyle huntress after she decided one night in a fit of rage to kick a gargoyle off the top of a building. Now her life is split between working at the pizza store and hunting down naughty little demons. Harlow has been taught the skills by Linc who is a sculptor. The book focuses on when Harlow meets Julian who has told her that Gargoyles are going missing and disappearing. The other hunters aren't available to help Julian and now Harlow must take up the challenge. Julian discovers that he is a Half-Demon and Harlow is about to be opened to the world of demons. Along the way of the journey, she will also learn secrets about gargoyle hunting and herself especially when she learns that she has been possessed by demons not once but twice. I have to admit that I had hoped somewhere in this book we learned more about Harlow's mother, maybe in later books we might. If you are looking for a paranormal/supernatural YA book, then check out Gargoyle Huntress by Jen Pretty.


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