Review: Chilled - Kendra Elliot

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Chilled (Bone Secrets, #2)

Review: Chilled - Book #2 Bone Secrets Series - Kendra Elliot - August 2012
In the mood for romantic suspense and a mystery novel, as readers know I love the author Kendra Elliot books. I also have a cover crush on this series as each book is amazing and gives off these creepy vibes. In Chilled we meet the SAR team which includes Jim, Ryan, Thomas and Brynn along with her dog Kiana. At the beginning of this book, we learn that a plane has crashed in the mountains. The plane was holding a prisoner and two US Marshalls. From the US Marshalls office, we get a visit from Alex Kinton who is assisting the team in the search. There is an instant attraction between Alex and Brynn but of course, in everyone else's mind, Brynn is already taken with Liam. During the snowstorm rescue, we read as the foursome get to know each other on a deeper level and read their interactions. It turns out that the plane was carrying a prisoner Darrin Besand whom Alex has a personal connection with and Alex is hoping he is dead. Of course, though, we all know what's going to happen as we have 1 massive snowstorm, lack of communication and cell service and a serial killer. Chilled later ends up unraveling a massive conspiracy that has the chief of the US Marshall's office trying to save his butt as well. If you are looking for a good smalltown murder mystery novel with lots of suspenseful twists and turns, check out Chilled - Book #2 of Kendra Elliot's series - Bone Secrets.


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