Tuesday, April 28, 2020

VBT# Review: Cutie and the Beast - M.E Carter

Cutie and the Beast (Cipher Office, #3)

Review: Cutie and the Beast - Book #3 Cipher Office Series - M.E Carter - April 2020
As those who have read the earlier books in the series will remember that the OG gym burned down. Cutie and the Beast by M.E Carter are set in the new gym and feature Abel who is one of the trainers at the gym. We learn that Abel's wife has just left them and run off to live her dream of being a model and social influencer. That has left Abel to try and figure out how to juggle between his job as a personal trainer and a single dad of Mabel who is used to being the center of attention and I have to admit she is a bit of a spoiled little brat.  The other person we meet in this book is Elliot and her daughter Ainsley. Since her separation with her husband Derek, she has been living with her mother and her boisterous daughter. She is getting frustrated with her mother and trying to be the peacekeeper and determined to get her own home for her and her daughter. With a degree in Social Work, she goes to the Gym and applies to be a childcare worker in their Daycare.  In the end, of course, she walks out as the new Afternoon Manager for the Daycare.  Dinah knows that Abel is looking for a roommate to help with the mortgage payments of his home and Elliot and her daughter end up moving in together with Abel and his daughter.  Soon they become a family unit without dating, of course, though you can guess what's going to happen. However, their parenting styles will clash as Abel's daughter Mabel starts to show her true colors and Abel is stuck in the middle. Can Abel win back Elliot when he learns why Mabel was playing up? Can the two single parents and their children work out to be the perfect family? Find out in this fun romance Cutie ( Elliot) and the Beast (Abel) by M.E Carter in the Smartypants Romance series "Cipher Office". If you love Penny Reid's books especially the Knitting in the City series, you will love this series.

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