Monday, April 13, 2020

Review: Royal Hottie - Kylie Gilmore

Royal Hottie (The Rourkes, #2)

Review: Royal Hottie - Book #2 The O'Rourkes - Kylie Gilmore - May 2019

Gabriel and Anna have just been crowned King and Queen and now are off on their Honeymoon. While on their honeymoon, Anna's best friend Ruby whom is an Interior designer has been hired to decorate a part of the castle which Anna has created to be a Pamper Spa for guests in order to create a viable financial option for the country of Villroy. At the same time, Anna has just informed Philip that she has signed him up for a Bachelor Auction where the clients will be bidding for a date with the "Royal Hottie" and his brothers but Philip is the main attraction. When Philip sees Ruby, he thinks that she is one of the clients and tells her that he won't go on a date with her. They have this fiery first interaction and Philip calls Anna and she tells him to "Stay Away”. The book then moves to Ruby meeting Maya - one of the maids and talks about going shopping. Of course, though, they need someone who can speak French - Enter Philip O'Rourke who wants to show Ruby he isn't just the "Royal Hottie" and superficial.  The three of them go shopping and during their time, Ruby starts to fall for Philip and eventually the pair kiss. The book then jumps to the auction with the O'Rourke Boys and Philip rigs the bidding of the auction. He flies to Paris with Ruby and they spend an amazing time together but of course, this HEA can't last forever as Philip is off on a 5-week charity tour and Ruby has to fly home as her business has the possibility of booming and she has a little sister on the way.  Will Philip and Ruby find a way to make their romance last or was this just a fling?  I am loving this series as one of my favourite tropes is the whole Royalty falling in love with commoners. If you love Royalty fiction and Cinderella type tales - then check out The O’Rourke’s series by Kylie Gilmore today - each Book features one of the O'Rourke siblings.

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