Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: The After Wife - Gigi Levangie Grazier

Looking for a good chick lit novel ?
One with twists and turns to last through the whole book ?
Review: The After Wife - Gigi Levangie Grazier - July 2012
Hannah Bernal is happily married and head over heels in love with her husband John and they have a gorgeous daughter named Ellie. All is great and L.A is awesome but then tragedy strikes Hannah in a profound way that she isn't ready for.  Her husband John passes away and soon Hannah is left to pick herself and Ellie up off the ground. It's not easy though as Hannah- normally the working mum is about to discover that being a widow and a grieving one at that isn't the cool thing to do or be in L.A.  Thank goodness though that Hannah has the support of her three but odd bunch of friends who have been dubbed "The Grief Team". Aimee - an aspiring actress who is still looking for her big break in Hollywood , Jay - her gay best friend and Chloe - a single mother who runs a Mummy Blog. With her friends nothing can go wrong or can it, especially with get ready for it.............. when a ghost named Trish appears in Hannah's house . At first it's just one ghost and then sooner than later , Hannah is bombarded with dead people including her recently deceased husband John. Is there a reason the ghosts are coming to Hannah ? Can she make her ability of seeing ghosts to good use ? . Readers, not for the faint-hearted as there is one scene where Aimee and Hannah go to get a V-steam - if you are not sure what a V-steam is then google it and you will have a chuckle.
Find out in The After wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer , a book that you will find yourself laughing and tearing up to as you turn page to page.  If you haven't read any of Gigi's books before , check out her book "The Starter Wife" as that was her first one I picked up and it got me hooked on her writing :)

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