Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Little Night - Luanne Rice

Families can be hard to live with especially when someone becomes involved with a person that just wants you to themselves .
Readers : This book is one of those stories that covers alot of Family drama from Abuse , Violence, Death, Prison etc .
Review: Little Night - Luanne Rice - June 2012
When I first read the blurb of this book , it intrigued me as I love to read novels that are out of the ordinary, novels that target those edgy topics. Ones that it takes a certain type of person to pull off.  I had always percieved Luanne Rice as writing family sagas and romances so when I read the back of this novel I was a little cautious as in what to expect. I have to say I was blown away and I loved this book as with every page turn the story got deeper and deeper and it drew the reader into the book. As I said above, I do have to say that this book is not for the weak-minded , the ones who just want a fluffy story to settle down with before bed or to drink with their cup of tea. Little Night is one of those books that readers will have to brace themselves for as it will tear at those heartstrings as readers will discover violence , family abuse , narcisstic disorders , prison time , death and murder. The story starts in 1993 , when Anne married Fredrick , Fredrick we learn was an abuser - the dominant male . When Carol - Anne's older sister goes to visit , her heart breaks and she attacks Fredrick for what he has done to his family. Anne not wanting to destroy her make-believe happy family allows Carol to go to prison. Fast forward to the year 2011 , Carol is starting to get her life back on track and out of the blue recieves a letter from her niece Grit who asks to come and stay with her. What Grit brings though , is the past ten + years of tragedy and violence. Carol , shocked is to learn that the sister she once had is no longer the same person. With the help of Grit , can Carol find it in her heart to forgive Anne and give her a second chance to escape and live what little life she has left ? .
Readers, will squirm and have tears in their eyes as they flip through the pages and read Anne's journal and listen to accounts of Grit's life with her family.
A novel I think all should read and those who enjoyed Broken by Ilsa Evans will enjoy Little Night.


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