Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: A Path Toward Love - Cara Lynn James

Looking for a historical Christian Fiction ?
Did you enjoy the Ladies of Summerhill Series ?
Review: A Path Toward Love - Cara Lynn James - August 2012
When I saw that Cara Lynn James had a new book out, I was excited as I just adored her Ladies of Summerhill series , a series where the women are strong and have defied the laws of their time by being strong, independent and having a career rather than playing the society wife, which was the norm for this era. 
For me , personally I preferred her Ladies of Summerhill series as it added a bit more humour to the stories whereas this new one held a serious tone. In A Path Toward Love , we meet Katherine Osborne, she has been widowed for two years yet it seems in a way that she was widowed longer than that due to the fact her husband was never rarely home.  Katherine was left to run the families Orange Groves, trying hard she worked at bringing them back to their old glory but being a women in a man's world of business is a struggle. When her father and best friend Andrew appear for a surprise visit, could this be the opportunity she was needing to move forward ? Of course, though in Katherine's life nothing comes without a price tag attached . Her father agrees to a loan but in return for Katherine visiting home for the summer - it has been seven long years and she definitely has no desire to be flung into society and make a society wife.  Of course though , Katherine has another reason she doesn't want to go home . Ever since she was a little girl , her family told her she was to marry Randy - a close family friend but Katherine's heart doesn't belong to Randy and it seems he won't change his playboy ways and is in more ways than one - a replica of her ex-husband Charles. We discover that all along Katherine's heart has belonged to Andrew Knowles - Randy's cousin but in a society where status is everything , will Katherine go along and marry Randy or will she discover that with God on her side, status isn't everything and that a marriage filled with love is more joyful and happier than a marriage filled with plain riches.
A novel that shows like Cara's characters in Ladies of Summerhill , Katherine was a strong, ambitious and independent women who had more sense to belong in a man's world rather than sit on her high perch and drink tea and eat club sandwiches.

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