Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: The Sweet Life - Book #5 and Book #6 - Francine Pascal

Have you been following the new series by Francine Pascal "The Sweet Life" ?
I have and today reader's I bring you the final two books that make up the collection "The Sweet Life".
Review: The Sweet Life - Book #5 Cutting the Ties - Francine Pascal - August 2012
So it's back to Sweet Valley High and in Cutting the Ties , we read as Bruce and Annie are getting it on in France or are they ? If Caroline Pearce's blog is anything to go by , it seems lawyer Annie known as "Easy Annie" back when they were all in High School is a Sex Addict. Elizabeth has quit the paper and has decided to work her own angles about whether or not Bruce is guilty and has asked Aaron to go undercover into Warner's firm to see if he had anything to do with the rape allegations. While doing this though, she hasn't contacted Bruce , will this play badly on their relationship ? Jessica and Todd seem to have a Love/Hate relationship going on and with the Divorce all up in the air - Jessica has seemed to moved onto Liam but is she ready to settle down or will we see Jessica go back to her High School Antics ? Our dear Lila is really pregnant now , will she tell Ken the truth and will they play a happy family or will Lila go for an abortion ? Does Todd love his family enough to find out the truth about Sarah or will she have Todd in the palm of her hands and have the power to crush Jessica Wakefield out of his life for good ?
Cutting The Ties unlike the other books didn't really have a main focus but seemed to act like a continuation of Book #4 and I found this one shorter than the others.
However as I get ready to turn into Book #6 , I feel sad as I will no longer for now be reading about the Sweet Valley Characters unless Francine Pascal decides to write more.
Review: The Sweet Life - Book #6; Bittersweet - Francine Pascal - September 2012
 The final conclusion to The Sweet Life collection of 6 novellas. In this book we read as Francine Pascal has revealed Liam's true colours , will Jessica accept his wedding proposal or will she prove to Liam that her heart no matter what still belongs to Todd ? Elizabeth with the help of Aaron was able to track down Robin Platt or should we say the truth about Mona Thomas . Will this help Bruce Patman off the rape charges ? Will he and Elizabeth finally be together or has she lost her chance as him and Annie got closer in Book #5 ? Lila decided to keep the baby and in doing this has she finally won the love of her husband Ken back ? What will Lila Fowler-Matthews be like as a mother ? Wonder if the next step will be a reality tv show called "The Life of the Sweet Valley Mummies". Bittersweet was an awesome way to finish the series but I do hope that their will be more books in her Sweet Life series as it has been great over the last couple of months to reconnect with the Sweet valley Characters after all these years.

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