Friday, August 24, 2012

Review: Kill You Twice - Chelsea Cain

Are you a fan of the Chelsea Cain "The Beauty Killer" novels ?
Enjoying the tales of Archie and Gretchen ?
Review: Kill You Twice - Book #5 Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell Series - Chelsea Cain - August 2012
As soon as I discovered that Book #5 was to be released , I knew I just had to read it as I am in love with this series and now that I heard of it being a TV show I so cannot wait to see it.  In Kill You Twice , it seems that Gretchen is once again locked up and it's been a while it seems since the gang which consists of Henry , Archie and Susan had paired up on a murder.  In Kill You Twice , the story starts with a murder of a shelter worked hung in a tree with a white lily underneath the body.  As the news of this is released , Susan has been granted permission to do an interview of Gretchen Lowell. In which she tells her all about Ryan Motley , her first kill - Mr. James Beaton and that Susan has to pass on the message to Archie to save their child . Mouths open and aghast - Did Archie father a child with Gretchen ? . Susan , with her bright as hair , I love the fact that she uses Manic Panic as when I dye my hair bright colours, that's the brand I use. Has herself a new boyfriend Leo, but when she snoops around and finds a boxful of drugs , has Susan picked a loser ? Kill You Twice is an amazing novel , in a way it sets the tale of how Gretchen became who she is today. What I loved about Kill You Twice was that it featured in the second half, the early life of Gretchen Lowell and who she really was and what made her turn out the serial killer she really is.
A must read for all fans of Chelsea Cain's Series :)

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