Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Publish a Book ! - J. Steve Miller

Have you written a book ?
Wanting to get it out into the world but not sure how to ?
Review: Publish a Book ! - J. Steve Miller - February 2012
With the world of publishing becoming more and more restrictive and especially in small countries like New Zealand as surprisingly enough the New Zealand publishing companies tend to be accepting more overseas and american novels than they are their own local authors. In the world of books nowadays , it is becoming harder and harder for authors and writers to strike out with huge publishing companies and get their novels looked at , it seems that you either have to be a recurring author or have an agent which of course can add up in your pilgrimage to success and becoming a famous author. 
J. Steve Miller has compiled a book of over 50 different self-publishing companies and has in each chapter provided readers with a extensive check-list so that you as the author know exactly what you are getting when you choose a particular company.  In saying this , I would also take a look around in your city as more often than not there may be a boutique publishing company, someone small starting out that will assist you in bringing your book to life.  I personally think at the end of the day, it's who you feel most at ease and comfortable with as they are the ones with your book in their hands.
As Self-publishing continues to be the way forward and the world of E books , this is one book that all must read , if you are at the point of "HEY, I want my book out there".
And who knows , think of authors like E.L James , Tracey Garvis and  Jamie McGuire they were all Indie authors who self-published on Amazon and now their books have been picked up by Penguin and Movie rights are in the makings. 
If you are in New Zealand , I would check out the site www.oceanbooks.co.nz as they are a group of authors who have opened their own E-Book publishing site /shop. 

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