Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Wild for the Girl - Starr Ambrose

Do you love Horses ?
Are you looking for a bit of a romance ?
Review: Wild for the Girl - Starr Ambrose - October 2012
Are you into horses ? Did you grow up on Pony Pals and Saddle Club like myself ? Did you collect My Little Ponies ? Or are you a reader of Jilly Cooper's books ? 
If the answer to all the above was YES , then you are in for a treat with Starr Ambrose's new October release " Wild for the Girl" . 
T.J Grady , is great around horses but when it comes to people - she prefers to be as far away from them as possible but it seems that her preferences are about to be challenged with not just one person but several. When ranch owner Mike falls sick , he calls his city son Reese in to help look after the place. T.J thinks that Reese is just another stuck-up private school city boy , will Reese be able to prove T.J wrong and that he belongs as much at the ranch as she does ? When a great opportunity for money and publicity arises at the Ranch, Reese readily accepts and T.J ends up reluctantly training Hollywood actor Tad as for his new and upcoming movie , he needs to learn to ride like a "REAL" Cowboy. 
As the pair start working together, it seems that Tad always gets what he wants but when he sets his sights on TJ , his he aiming out of his league as she doesn't seem the bit interested in him , that's because she has her sights on Reese.
What will happen though, when a relationship is sparked between Reese and T.J and his past from Boston ends up at the ranch . Can Reese explain himself or has he lost T.J for good ?
A fast-paced moving novel that in ways resembles that of Jilly Cooper's but also of a new Teen series called The A-Circuit by Catherine Hapka and Georgina Bloomberg, which reads Horses meet Gossip Girl. 

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