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Review: Writing Conversations - Cherie Miller

Do you love Writing ?
Ever wondered what other authors say about Writing and it's Craft ?
Review: Writing Conversations - Cherie K.Miller - July 2010
Do you struggle with writing ?  or Do you love writing so much , that you have turned yourself into a writer ? .
As soon as I saw this book and read the synopsis, I knew it was right up my alley as I have a thing for quotes, poems and excerpts . It was a Chicklit Excerpt a day calendar that started me on loving the Chicklit Genre , and a few years ago my Dad wanted a quotes calendar but couldn't find the right one so he asked me to put together a 366 day quotes calendar of all my favourites quote-a-day. I find them so motivating, inspirational , and downright awesomeness.
Writing Conversations ,by Cherie Miller is a collection of 365 paragraphs , one per day on the Art and Craft of Writing.  Contributors have included the likes of Ann Brashares , author of the books and films Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and I am Memory which I loved.

For me, starting is hard, so I really need to give myself permission to do a bad job. I always give myself leave to write total nonsense for as long as I need to release the pressure, because it's really hard to start if you feel like that first sentence you write has to actually mean something. So I tell myself that this is the first page of the book but it doesn't need to be used for anything, just for warming up. ... But not every book is meant to be published, and I think that's freeing for writers. Some writing you just do for the sake of writing, whether or not it helps or it hurts.
Ann Brashares, young adult author made famous by writing

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

To the editor of Harlequin Enterprises books "Terri Gavin"

Stephen King, in his novel
Misery, speaks of "finding the hole in the paper and falling through it." That's a great analogy, and one I always think of when I consider an author's task. Try to fall under the spell of what you are creating. Try to understand the fantasy behind the book, what's compelling, what grips the reader. Most importantly, with every new selection, ask yourself, 'What is this author really saying here about life and love?'"
Tara Gavin, editor of Harlequin Enterprises books.

Cherie Miller's book has something different for every single day of the year, they are quotes to help you along the way from authors, writers, professors , editors - people from all areas of the book/writing world. This is one book that I recommend everyone must have sitting on their bookshelf for when they feel the need and desire for a little bit of encouragement along their way in their journey of writing and books.

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  1. One thing I love about this collection of quotes is that it's not just about the craft of writing, but also about the writing life in general - marketing, publishing, writers' block, etc. Each time I read a few quotes, I came out challenged, inspired, and resonating with what they expressed.


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