Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Jilted - Rachael Johns

Do you love Australian Fiction ?
Love getting down and dirty with good ol' Aussie Rural Chick Lit/ or as many call it Chook Lit ?
Review: Jilted - Rachael Johns - June 2012
Have you ever thought when you write a review with coloured font that sometimes certain books just scream out a colour and that's what you associate the story with ? For me Jilted screamed out Purple.
I have to say when it comes to Australian Rural fiction, I am in two minds as I have read some really amazing ones like North Star by Karly Lane , The Girl in the Steel Capped Boots by Loretta Hill and then I have also read a few that I just couldn't get into. Jilted by Rachael Johns falls into the first category of AMAZING. I loved it , from the very first page I was hooked and trying to discover what reasons the main character Ellie could have for standing up Flynn when it was obvious she always loved him and readers, I can tell you I never expected anywhere close to the actual reason and it will blow you readers away.  Jilted tells the tale of Ellie , a big-shot Sydney TV Soap star who has returned to her hometown of Hope's Junction to look after her guardian Matilda while she recuperates from a fall. Her visit home is anything but peachy as the whole town remembers the day she stood Flynn Quartermaine - the golden boy of Hope Junction up at the altar. All Ellie wants to do is look after Matilda and return back to her old life. However, as the novel goes along it seems that Hope's Junction still plays a part in Ellie's life and that no matter what happened she never stopped loving and vice versa Flynn. Can Ellie win not only the heart of Flynn back but also the hearts of those in Hope Junction ? What will happen when tragedy strikes in Ellie's life and it seems that there is no-one who will pick up the pieces ? Will the town come together for Ellie's sake or will she discover what it is truly like to be an Outsider ?
Find out in this awesomeness novel "Jilted" by Rachael Johns and I look forward to seeing and reading what she brings out in future times.


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