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Review: Right Where I Belong - Krista McGee

When it comes to Teen Christian Fiction, I have a couple of favourite authors who I will read all their books e.g Melody Carlson, Brandilyn Collins , Nancy Rue and now added to that list is Krista McGee.
I first fell in love with this author's books when I read First Date - all about a Christian girl's journey on a Reality TV Show and then later she brought out Starring Me - again based on a Christian girl's journey on a Tv show. In Krista's new book , she has steered away from the TV spotlight but has still kept the same -well almost the same cast.
Here I present to you Krista McGee's latest book "Right where I belong".
Review: Right Where I Belong - Krista McGee- December 2012
Right Where I Belong starts in Spain , where we meet Natalia. She is about to make the biggest decision of her life and one that may cause an uproar amongst her friends and family. When her father decides to divorce his third wife Maureen , Natalia is devastated as out of the wives she was the only one Natalia could relate to and learn so much from. Natalia with Maureen's help has been moving forth with the notion of becoming a Christian and understanding the amazing power of God's love.  We read as Natalia accompanies Maureen back to America as well as watch Natalia pray to God that she remains single as she never wants to experience what her father does or be one of those women who have all played the role of her stepmother. Natalia and Maureen settle in Tampa and we meet former characters Addy and Lexi who both attend Tampa Christian School where Natalia will be attending.  Is God testing Natalia's heart and faith as he puts the Pastor's son Brian in her path on more than one occasion and what happens when Natalia starts to attract the attention of the most popular boy in school Spencer - a guy who resembles her father ?  Can Natalia grow with God if she has boys on her mind ?
Right where I belong has taken a different direction and a more serious note than Krista's two previous novels as we read the main character Natalia having to come to terms of what it means to be a Christian and the amazing opportunites like mission trips to Costa Rica , that God can put it in your path if you only believe.
A must read for all , though due to the content in this book - I think if you are not used to reading Christian fiction then my advice is to start with something a bit lighter like First Date or Starring Me.
Right Where I belong is the perfect read for those who have really enjoyed Melody Carlson's Diaries Series and Nancy Rue's Nana Beach High.

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  1. This looks cute. I just bought one of her other novels and am excited to read her for the first time.


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