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Review: Battle of the Birds - Lee Murray

Are you looking for a good book for your 10+ to read ?
Do you enjoy time travelling , myths and legends ?
Review: Battle of the Birds - Lee Murray - September 2011
You've read or viewed my review of Dash of Reality by Lee Murray - a Chick lit novel for the Young Adults to adult audience and now readers I bring forth to you - Battle of the Birds , her latest book written for those aged 10+ to teen audience or if you are like me and wanting a quick read, then by all means - Adults you too will enjoy .
Before I get started on my review , this book "Battle of the Birds" recently won an award - The Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Youth Novel. More information on what the Sir Julius Vogel award is can be found @ http://www.sffanz.org.nz/sjv/sjvAwards.shtml
Battle of the Birds starts off with the reader's meeting Annie - an Eleven year old girl who has just moved to Wisconsin from New Zealand as her father has received a job teaching as a University Lecturer . While her mother who has just started some college courses - that's American for university heads to the local library , Annie decides to tag-a-long and wait outside for her mother to finish. While outside waiting on one of the hill mounds which we discover are called Effgy's . Annie starts to feel odd and soon , the mound is transformed into an American eagle and has transported Annie back to New Zealand. Home again, she is ecstatic until she discovers that she has in fact gone back in time to over 1000 years ago. New Zealand is definitely not the same place then as it is now.  We later discover that there was a prophecy foretold that a guide and a speaker who could speak the language of the birds would save New Zealand and mediate between the long-standing Battle of the Birds.  Reader's will learn that Annie is the prophesied one, but she isn't a warrior - she is just an average 11 year old girl.  Can Annie save her newfound friends when terror strikes the Maori villages ? Will Annie learn and be able to mediate and settle the Battle of the Birds and more importantly , feeling homesick - will Annie ever return to the future to her family or will the prophecy have her stuck in this timezone ?
A fun and easy read , Battle of the Birds is a story filled with Nature, History, Culture and Maori Myths and Legends.
A tale we can all appreciate.

For More Information on Battle of the Birds head to http://www.battleofthebirds.info/
To purchase check out www.oceanbooks.co.nz

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  1. Paula,
    Thank you for getting to Battle of the Birds so quickly. I'm thrilled with this lovely lovely review (sharing it everywhere). And if you say it's a good read, then it must be true.:)


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