Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Faithful to Laura - Kathleen Fuller

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Review: Faithful to Laura - Book #2 Middlefield Family Series - Kathleen Fuller -August 2012
One of the things that I love about reading Christian fiction and primarily the Amish novels is that when tragedies occur , people come from the outside or as it's called in these novels the Englischer world. They always tend to welcome them with arms open wide. No matter what their past or circumstances are. As long as they adhere to their customs, anyone is welcome. It's a loving and happy society, where everyone pulls their weight, where everyone looks out for each other. A true community.
Faithful to Laura is no different , the novel starts with a nightmare that Laura is having . A nightmare which sets the pretense for the novel. We learn that Laura was engaged to Mark and that he was evil and set fire to the barn, injuring her and a friend Adam. Laura had loved him with all her heart and had imagined herself walking down the aisle with him.  We read as Laura has been welcomed into Adam's fiancee Emma's house and learn that she is happy in parts of the Amish life. However, one thing is still holding her back - she wants revenge on the one person who ruined her life - Mark and won't stop until she gets it.  The novel then flips to the world of Englischer where we meet a woman named Celeste who gave up a child when he was young. That boy turns out to be Sawyer Thompson. The pair meet and sparks fly, but is Laura ready to give her heart over to Sawyer ? What will happen when Sawyer's past comes back to bite him on the bum - will he be able to stand strong and prove his love to Laura ? Does Sawyer with God's help have what it takes to help Laura take her mind off revenge and stay Faithful to her for eternity ?
Find out in Kathleen Fuller's next book in the Middlefield Series "Faithful to Laura" and stay tuned for Book #3.

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