Review:Stranger in the Room - Amanda Kyle Williams

Have you read The Stranger You Seek ? Are you fascinated with the world of profiling and catching killers ? Do you spend your hours tied between reading Crime novels and watching Criminal Minds ?
Get ready for Book #2 in the Keye Street Series by Amanda Kyle Williams, another novel you won't be able to put down.
Review: Stranger in The Room - Amanda Kyle Williams - August 2012
After the recuperating blow of the serial killer turning out to be a friend in Book #1 , Keye Street has taken a step back from the world of Police and Crimes and has stuck to the nice easy work of catching bail jumpers. That is until she recieves a phone call from her cousin Miki, her cousin's house was broken into and she believes she is being stalked.  As a family obligation, Keye starts to look into it but as she digs deeper into Miki's life it seems that she may have alot of enemies including a line of unhappy ex-boyfriends as she seems to be the type of girl to Date and Dump. On the other side of things, it seems that the police have a serial killer on their hands and a crematorium that has been very dodgy and scarce on the ashes. With Aaron Rauser tracking down the serial killer angle , Keye takes a job in a smalltown called Big Knob which as quoted has a little Niagra Falls running through it. :P.
It seems that a local crematorium has been mixing up the ashes of the deceased as a few people have recieved instead of ashes cement mix and chicken feed.  With the help of partner Neil and a local busybody neighbour Mary-Kay , can Keye get to the bottom of it and when she does , is it something she really wanted to uncover ? Meanwhile Miki is still being stalked and threats galore are turning up , what will happen when it is discovered that Miki's stalker and the unsub called "The Birthday Killer" are connected ? Is Miki next to die ?
Find out in another riveting and fast-paced mystery/serial killer novel by Amanda Kyle Williams. An author that if you haven't read her books - YOU MUST.


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