Review:In the Bag - Kate Klise

Have you ever lost your baggage at an Airport ?
Ever had a mix-up with someone else ?
Review: In the Bag - Kate Klise - May 2012
Have you ever had a mix-up with your luggage before ? Ever spotted someone in an Airport and thought, hmm I am going to ask them out but not had the courage to follow through ? Do you believe in fate or as In the Bag uses the word Kismet ?
This author has lived a fascinating life working as a correspondent for People Magazine , reporting everything from Celebrities to Serial Killers. It makes sense, that her first adult fiction book is one that will have readers hooked on from the very first page. In the Bag is a book for the romantics at heart , the ones who still believe in love at first sight , movies like The Parent Trap whether it be the Hayley Mills version or my generation the Lindsay Lohan, movies like Stranger on a Train, The Lake House. Those moments when you first meet someone you have been corresponding with and when you do meet it's like OMG, you could be my other half.
In the Bag is a romantic story , where Love doesn't seem to come naturally to these four people and how one flight seems to end up connecting them to their destinies. Single mother Daisy and her daughter Coco Sprinkle are headed to Paris for a vacation , when the pair reach the airport they discover two very strange things. Daisy has a mysterious note in her purse addressed to the Woman in seat 6B from the Man in 13C and Coco has the wrong luggage. In Madrid, we meet Single father Andrew and his son Webb Nelson. Andrew is on his way to present a Gallery opening , he is also the Man in 13C and his son Webb also has the wrong luggage. So begins, an email relationship between Webb and Coco as they try and reunite each other with their correct luggage and Andrew and Daisy try and get on with their lives but have the nagging thought of the note in their minds. When tragedy strikes, it forces Daisy to head to Madrid and she meets Andrew , whereas Webb meets Coco. But, of course Love is never simple and the foursome depart with unresolved feelings. When the time comes for all of them to return home, they end up mysteriously on the same flight and trouble brews as Webb and Coco are arrested as Terrorists ? Is this fate or as Solange in the novel kindly puts it Kismet ? Are the foursome meant to end up together ?
Find out in "In the Bag" by Kate Klise .


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