Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Close Your Eyes, by Iris and Roy Johansen

Looking for an awesome mystery novel to read ?
Wanting a novel that will open your eyes to the amazing abilities people have ?
Review: Close Your Eyes - Iris and Roy Johansen - July 2012
After reading Iris Johansen's Bonnie, Eve and Quinn books , it made you wonder what direction she would go as those three were part of a series that has made her famous - The Eve Duncan Series. I have to say , I have also tried to read the other books that she has co-written with her husband e.g Storm Cycle and they just haven't grabbed my attention so when I saw Close Your Eyes , I was in two minds. Would I enjoy it or wouldn't I ? , Readers of The Phantom Paragrapher, I loved Close Your Eyes and would put it with one of the best Mystery/Thriller books so far I have read for 2012. 
Close Your Eyes starts off with a random person by the name of Stephanie being killed in an underground car-park and then moves to the offices of Dr. Kendra Michaels who is a Music Therapist. We read as Kendra works with an autistic boy , this part I felt familiar with as those who have read my previous reviews know that I have family members with Autism. The appointment is ended when an FBI Agent named Adam Lynch turns up asking for Kendra's help on a case. It seems that Kendra had previously worked as a consultant for the FBI and as the novel goes along we learn that due to Kendra's past , she is one of the most observant human beings there are. When she reluctantly agrees to help on the case as more people die, Kendra's mother and friend Olivia start to get worried. Though when the case leaves Kendra's friend Olivia hanging for her life, has she bitten off more than she can chew. 
Close Your Eyes is one of those books where it is really hard to describe but all you need to know is this was one of the best mystery/thriller novels by Iris and Roy Johansen.
Though I am curious if there has been a previous novel by the pair that featured an Introduction  to Kendra Michaels as reading the book it seemed possible.

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