Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Confessions of a Karaoke Queen - Ella Kingsley

Do you love Karaoke ?
Do you love novels about Reality TV Shows and what really goes on behind the scenes ?
Review: Confessions of a Karaoke Queen - Ella Kingsley - December 2011
Growing up Maddie hated music and anything to do with it , as all her life she was known as the daughter of the duo Pineapple Mist. A duo that had a few one hit wonders in the 1980's and then as the years went by Maddie's parents opened their own Bar - a Karaoke bar  named Sing it Back. When her parents head away for a reunion/comeback tour , Maddie looks at the bar and realises that it is in fact in the dire need for a spruce up , her dreams are answered or so she believes when she spots an advertisement for a new reality TV Show that will bring your Bar back to life.  So Maddie applies to star and wham, bam she gets it. All is well in the beginning as things start to take off but soon the head manager Archie leaves , a new bar hand Alex appears out of nowhere with a fake CV and the director of the show Evan is a nightmare to work with. With her cast of crazies and best friends, we will read as week by week Sing it Back is transformed into it's original glory, the ups and downs of friendships , fun nights on the Karaoke microphone and the dreaded love triangles and in this book there is not just one but three that occur. 
Confessions of a Karaoke queen takes us into the side of reality TV that we don't see and the parts that we occasionally read but gloss over, the parts in which the reality TV will claim does not happen at all.
Confessions of a Karaoke queen shows readers the story behind how rigged Reality TV can be and that sometimes even the ones starring in the show will have absolutely no idea.
Readers, I do have to say that you all should read this novel and if not for the reality TV storyline , you must to read and discover Maddie's true name and see how she definitely does not live up to it and we shall all be blessed that we had normal parents and not parents that name their kids Tallulah does the Hula in Hawaii ( that was an actual name in NZ, in which the child took the parents to court for giving her an out-there name).

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