Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review: A Rock and a Hard Place - Angie Stanton

Have you read Breathe by Abbi Glines ? 
Do you love the tale of Cinderella ?
If so, then readers hop onto your Kindles and check out today's featured book.
Review: Rock and a Hard Place - Angie Stanton - Book #1 Jamieson Collection - May 2011
I guess when it comes to love I am one of those girls who still loves to hold the ideal world of romance, the stories that fall into the category of Cinderella. The ones that somebody big in the world could fall for us who well ... are plain of sorts , or like the hit TV Show was called The freaks and geeks of the world. I know it's fiction but whenever I read a tale like this , something always sparks in my mind of What If ? What if I met someone wonderful and who liked me for me , what type of life would I have offered to me if they were in a higher socio-economic bracket, if they were famous e.g rock star , rugby player, a socialite ? . I'm a girl who loves to dream the dream.
Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton is similar to Breathe by Abbi Glines, in which a girl from a lower class status, a girl who has had it tougher than others, one who has to work to provide for themselves or their family, someone who is viewed as an outcast and dreams that one day they will break free of the life they are living and one day, just one day in the future they may be able to finally be free and go off and enjoy their lives, travel, go to college or as we call it in New Zealand ...university. 
In Angie Stanton's book we meet Libby , she is a hard-worker, a shy girl , someone who finds it hard to fit in and trust those around her, she is someone whose life at home is far from easy. She is the type of girl who keeps herself guarded and puts up a front to hide her true self from the world. One day, out drawing and enjoying the peace and quiet she meets her Prince Charming in the form of Peter Jamieson , he is a rock star along with his two older brothers.
World famous, all the girls want him but it seems that the Cinderella - Libby has captured the heart of Peter. But of course like any Cinderella story, there is a sad middle when Peter's family thinking they are doing the right thing secretly breaks Libby's heart forcing her to retreat back to her shell and soon things get really bad for Libby at home which ends in her living in the system. Fast forward six months and now Libby has been living a life as somebody else, a new person from herself that she has created. All is flying under the radar until it seems her Prince Charming hasn't forgotten about her and is still searching for his Cinderella. 
Will Libby be reunited with Peter or will her heart still be too raw to cope with seeing him again ?
A fantastic story that everyone should read , and if you are like me and enjoyed Breathe by Abbi Glines and love the tale of Cinderella , then this is definitely your cup of tea. 

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