Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Sweet Valley Confidential - The Sweet Life - Books #3 and #4 - Francine Pascal

Fans of Sweet Valley Series, gather round as I bring to you Books #3 and #4 in the new series Sweet Valley Confidential - The Sweet Life.
Review :Sweet Valley Confidential - The Sweet Life - Too Many Doubts- Francine
Pascal (2012)

Continuing in Too Many Doubts, we discover that things just aren't adding
up in the Bruce Patman vs Robin Platt rape case. As Elizabeth went
undercover as Laura the therapist to hear Robin's side of the story, what
will Bruce's reaction be when he discovers the truth and feels betrayed ?
Will we see the old SVH Bruce re-appear ? Hearts stop beating,as tragedy
strikes Steven and Aaron Wakefield when their daughter Emma is kidnapped.
Is it to do with the Patman case or something entirely different ? Jessica
has reached the end of her marriage , is it time to move on with the
willing Liam or will she try and give it one more shot at winning Todd
back ? Book #3 will leave the reader wondering as the title suggests , it
seems alot is going down in Sweet Valley and as a result will have
everyone questioning everything they do or say.

Review :Sweet Valley Confidential - The Sweet Life -Secrets and Seductions-
Francine Pascal (2012

All Lila Fowler has ever wanted was to be the centre of attention and deep
down she has realised that she actually loves Ken Matthews. After Ken left
her for Ashley Morgan- one of the other contestants on the hit TV Show
"True Housewives of Sweet Valley". Lila comes up with the perfect plan to
win Ken back , she will fake a pregnancy. All goes as accordingly to plan
until Gossip queen Caroline Pearce gets ahold of the truth and it
backfires. What will happen though when Lila realises that during the
whole time she was faking her pregnancy , she is actually pregnant ? What
will Ken's reaction be - Will he think it's a case of the Lila who cried
Baby ? It seems that ex-reporter Sarah has her claws into Todd and what
will happen when rumours of Jessica and Todd's divorce get out ? Is this
the in that Sarah has been waiting for ? Book #4 reminds me of the
original stories of lies, secrets, seductions. This one will definitely
have readers gasping for air as they dig deeper into the lives of the
Sweet Valley characters.

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