Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: A Hobbit Devotional - Ed Strauss

Are you a fan of The Hobbit books and movies ?
Looking for a devotions guide ?
Review:A Hobbit Devotional - Ed Strauss -September 2012
Isn't it amazing and fascinating the ways that today's society will go to , to reach the hearts of those who aren't christians , following God's word or for those who just need that little bit extra encouragement .  Earlier this year, I spotted a Charles Dickens Devotional Guide and a Jane Austen Devotional Guide. As a Jane Austen fan , I brought it and have yet to read it but it is sitting on my Kindle as I was fascinated.  How can they connect the words and literature of Jane Austen to those words of God and Jesus , the words printed in the Bible ? . It seems readers that they have done it again and this time targeting those who love The Hobbit films and books by JRR Tolkien. One of the best selling points is to create a book surrounding something that million of people love and Ed Strauss has done a wonderful job by creating a Devotions guide called A Hobbit Devotional : Bilbo Baggins and the Bible. Contained in A Hobbit Devotional is 60 devotions relating The Hobbit storylines , chapters to verses and books of the bible.  Written in a way fans of The Hobbit and those who have read The Hobbit will understand and enjoy. As I am not a fan of The Hobbit, this wouldn't be the book I would normally read but to readers if it is anything and by glancing through it , it is like The Jane Austen devotional guide. I would have to say , readers of The Hobbit , come forth and learn the word of God with A Hobbit Devotional and at the same time discovering and reading The Hobbit in a new clear light.

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