Review: Enders - Lissa Price

Review: Enders - Book #2 Starters Series - Lissa Price - January 2014

First there was Starters , the young ones whom hadn't been affected by death when the world of Spores wiped through their planet killing all those who were Middles. In Starters, Callie signed up to Prime Destinations to rent her body out to an Ender in order to make money for her and her brother Tyler. However, Callie's body ended up being used for evil and murder. Stopping that, Callie soon discovered that she had the ability to be herself in the rented body and also the memory chip embedded allowed her to hear others voices - causing Callie to become telepathic. She is a rarity among this kind. In Enders, we read as Prime Destinations has finally been destroyed and Callie is living it up in her renter's home as her renter Helena passed away leaving Callie half her estate. Definitely a step-up from when they were homeless and had to live as squatters. Callie soon meets Hyden who is supposedly "The Old Man's son" and wants Callie to help him destroy Prime Destinations once and for all and set all those who have been affected free. The twist I loved in this book was the fact that Lissa Price introduced Callie's father who it seemed had actually played quite an important part in setting up the technology Prime Destinations use and we are thrown into a world where A) Callie is trying to save those she loves from destruction and also B) the man-hunt for her father and the clinging possibility that he still lives.
I loved the twists that came with the ending of this novel and believe that Lissa answered many of those questions from Book #1 in this awesome conclusion. I also love the titles of Starters (Beginning) and Enders - (Ending).



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