Tuesday, February 18, 2014

VBT# Full Steam Ahead - Valerie Chase


Review: Full Steam Ahead - Valerie Chase - January 2014

 With the high amount of books published in a genre , sometimes you just feel like you are reading the same thing over and over again and then all of a second - you find one that jumps out at you and makes you go OMG, this is such an awesome book and you want to scream and shout about it. Full Steam Ahead ,people was just that. This started off like any other New Adult novel with the graduating sororities off on a boat cruise and Georgia Cantwell dreading this trip as she had just broken up with rich guy Hunter. Everyone thinks the break-up was mutual but it wasn't.  The reasons go deeper than that as Georgia's family are broke-poor and over their head in debt. Also two years ago, Georgia committed a felony and now she is being blackmailed and threatened if she doesn't pay the blackmailer $15,000 dollars but of course, where on earth is she going to get that money from when she has to buy knock-offs and find free alcohol to fit in ? Meanwhile Georgia now having broken up with Hunter has to share a free room with Jace - one of the frat brothers who has a reputation for being a playboy and also from the wrong side of the tracks. But as they spend time with each other , will Georgia realise that it doesn't matter who you are but what's inside that counts and that often in order to be strong and move forward you need someone who will stand beside you , no matter what happens and who won't be judging you along the way.
For those looking for a hidden treasure in the New Adult world, check out Valerie Chase's Full Steam Ahead.


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