VBT# Defining Destiny - Deanna Chase


Review: Defining Destiny - Deanna Chase - February 2014

Do you believe in soulmates and true love ? What happens when your soul-mate passes or they don't turn out to be who you thought they were ? For Lucy, the past three years her soul-mate was her duo partner Caden. She thought her life was perfect especially after they managed to score a music contract together. However, with fame came the groupies and the money. It got to Caden's head and eventually Lucy had , had enough especially when he pushed her that one last time with forging her signature with a song she held close to her heart. Heading home to her best friend Jax , Lucy stops singing. Until for her 21st birthday Jax gets Lucy to sing for her and it is here she meets Seth - Seth thought he would be with his girlfriend forever, that was until she died in a car accident. Now he wonders if he will ever find another or will anyone ever measure up to his first love ? There is something in Lucy that captures his eyes and soon his heart . Are they both willing to open their hearts to something new ? A relationship with another ? Is Destiny giving them both a chance to find a new soul-mate in each other ? 
Find out in this Music/ Contemporary New Adult "Defining Destiny" and discover whether it is possible to have two soul-mates ?



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