Monday, February 24, 2014

VBT# Vegas to Varanasi - Shelly Hickman


Review: Vegas to Varanasi - Shelly Hickman - December 2013

Anna has never had much luck with the men in her life as her first husband Luke whom she had two kids too , ended up being gay and leaving her for another man. However, Anna always had it luring in the back of her mind and they are now very good friends. Her second man which we meet in this book David , is an English professor and a struggling novelist. As the novel starts , we discover that David has some unsteady behaviors including drinking etc and eventually Anna says enough is enough. Meanwhile , when Anna and Luke attend a wedding of one of their old school friend's daughters. Anna meets Kiram - a handsome Indian Doctor - Yes, I know there's a stereotype somewhere amidst there. The two of them get on like a house on fire and soon we discover that they both attended the same school and Kiram had , had a crush on Anna. The two hit it off and soon are perfect for each other - the only thing standing in their way of happiness is David. Anna , fed up with his decisions decides to show David the door and starts dating Kiram. All goes well, until David starts to interfere and worm his way back into her life via Anna's college daughter Cindy. During this novel, though it's not indicated or looked at - I wondered if Cindy and David had something going on, or an unhealthy relationship with each other as they both seemed to be awfully concerned for each other - more than the fact that he isn't Cindy's actual dad and was just her mum's boyfriend. Will Anna finally get her happily ever after , third time lucky ?
Find out in Vegas to Varanasi by Shelly Hickman.


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