Review: Broken - Marianne Curley

Review: Broken - Book #2 Avena Series - Marianne Curley - March 2014

In Book #1 Hidden , to refresh those who have read it memories we met Ebony who discovered that she was in fact an Angel and had been hidden on earth till she turned 18 years of age and then she was to marry the future king. In Book #2 Ebony is engaged to Thane and still attending mortal school with her best friends Amber and guardian Jordan. The thing is though that there are those on Earth , who do not want Ebony to discover her true identity as it could start an Angel War and currently Thane is on trial for exposing his powers to Ebony - who is still being considered whether she is a mortal or an Angel.
This book is split into three different perspectives of you - Ebony , Nathanthel and Jordan as well as two different worlds - Earth and Avena. Will it be revealed what Ebony's real and true identity is and what will happen when those who are playing a part in her life's secrets are revealed , including those who have been closest to her ? 
Find out in Book #2 Broken and I am looking forward to reading Book #3 when it is released to see whether she will finally reach Avena or if she chooses to stay on Earth.


Book #1 : Hidden - Marianne Curley.


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