Review: Sweet Legacy - Tera Lynn Childs


Review: Sweet Legacy - Book #3 Medusa Girls - Tera Lynn Childs - September 2013

One of my favourite things to read is Greek Mythology and renditions of famous tales. A series that I have been reading and just finished with Book #3 Sweet Legacy is based on the descendants of Medusa and her two sisters. The girls hold the key to the portals and hold the power to stop the monsters from entering San Francisco. In Sweet Legacy , the girls have headed through the portal to Mount Olympus to save Euracyles and Stethno from the clutches of Artemis and Apollo . Along with Nick and Thane who has been hiding secrets from his adoptive family and knows more about Grace and who she is , than he has been letting on. Will Thane reveal his true colours to the girls or will he befriend the girls and betray those who have given him orders ? The other awesome thing is that the triplets Grace, Greer and Gretchen finally find their real mother Cassandra and she helps them continue to fight the war along with the supporters and descendants of Medusa's family. This last book is a bit of a struggle to read as it is quite slow compared to the other two as this one majorly focuses on the saving of Medusa's sisters and putting an end to an age-old war. However , in saying that Sweet Legacy was an awesome conclusion to a great series and if you love Jennifer Estep's Mythos Academy series - you will really love Medusa Girls.



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