Tuesday, February 18, 2014

VBT# Enticing Interlude - Michelle Mankin


Review: Enticing Interlude - Book #2 Tempest series - Michelle Mankin - February 2014

Do you love your Rock N Roll novels ? Did you enjoy Bryan and Lace's story with Book #1 in the Tempest series as much as I did? I have been looking so forward for months now to read this book and now that I have , I can truly say it does not disappoint. Enticing Interlude introduces us better to Justin Jones - Avery Jones's twin brother and the about to be new lead singer for the band Tempest. This book also introduces us to Bridget Dubois - this name made me smile as it is the same name as the middle daughter on the TV Show Medium which I loved. Both Bridget and Justin have had terrible upbringings but it seems though that Bridget has more to lose as she is also the single mother to 5 yr old Carter.  A son she chose to give her whole life up for. Justin has never met anyone so beautiful and only has eyes for her , but is he ready to become an instant father as Bridget and Carter come as a package deal , a twofer ? Also it seems that Antonia has hunted Justin down , she is the one whose ex-mob partner tried to have him killed and wants him to back out of his testimony or else ? Both having baggage - the relationship can either work or be a disaster. Will Bridget allow Justin into Carter and her lives ? Will Justin fit in with the new band members as he is a replacement for their traitorous childhood friend ?
Find out in Enticing Interlude by Michelle Mankin. This novel also explores the art of standing up for yourself and what is right and also that forgiveness and love are often the keys to make life happy.


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  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I am honored that you read my story and floored by that review. Thank you, Phantom Paragrapher. Thank you so very much!


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