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Review: Fractured Heart - Krystle Lewallen - November 2013

Have you ever read a book, where it starts off really good and then out of nowhere starts to get confusing and chucks you off track ? For me , that was Fractured Heart by Krystle Lewallen. The novel starts off with Katy being depressed as her Grandmother - the one person she loved most in the world has passed away. This teared me up a bit as my mum recently passed away and got me thinking of her while I was reading the book. The novel then fast forwards to Katy's mother turning up - someone she has not been in contact with for a very long time as she ditched her kids , they then ended up in foster care for six months and eventually their Grandmother claimed her and her brother Colin.  Their mum is very unhappy that she hasn't been left much in the will and we get the idea that their mother is manipulative and a right cow. Katy then meets Caleb - now this is the first place it gets odd as I had the impression he was an older person and he offers Katy lessons in Martial Arts and then the thought flitted through my mind whether this was like a paranormal book or something and her grandmother was hiding like a dark secret. She then heads off to the Big Apple with her plane ticket and apartment her Grandmother buys her.  Then later on in the book she gets attacked and we start to wonder if it has anything to do with her awful mother as for some reason her mother doesn't hate Colin, but she holds an awful grudge against Katy. Later on Caleb comes back into the picture and the two of them get together, which then made me question - how old is Caleb actually ?
Life for Katy becomes complicated with Fractured Heart and it shows as to me , this was quite a slow and complicated read and in parts I sort of lost interest, but knew because it was for a tour I had to keep reading, therefore Fractured Heart recieves a 3P.



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