Friday, February 7, 2014

VBT#: An Imperfect Circle - R.J Sable



Review: An Imperfect Circle - Book #1 Contradictions - R.J Sable - February 2014

Years ago , Elise used to live in a neighbourhood and had a best friend named Karl and a family that loved her next door. She also suffered tragedies in her life and was sexually abused - so reader's if sexual abuse bothers you ,then do not pick this book up as it does touch slightly on the topic. The event caused her to move away and start a new life , now years later Elise is still trying to cope with what happened to her and has started a new identity - an alter-ego for school times - She is Ellie with Black/Blue hair and dark contacts and at home she is Elise with her bright fiery red hair and green eyes. Elise likes to be in control of her life and so she is a list -fanatic and of course each list is folded into the perfect circle. What will happen though, when she starts the school and sees the one person she never wished to see again- Karl and not only that his family seem to be the "popular hottie boys" of the school. As the story goes along though, we view a change in Elise as she starts to come out from her shell and eventually starts to let people into her life - especially a new best friend she has taken under her wing and nicknamed her Blossom - as in the Powerpuff girl. Can Elise discover that sometimes having an Imperfect circle and lack of control is not the end of the world ? Or will her need for perfection and privacy push away all those she has finally let in again?
Find out in Book #1- An Imperfect Circle and discover what other Contradictions Elise has up her sleeve.

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