VBT# In The Lyrics - Nacole Stayton


Review: In The Lyrics - Nacole Stayton - February 2014

Ever since the accident which took the life of Colby's brother Levi, his family and him haven't been living and Colby has had enough. So he's off to the home of country music "Nashville" to study and also live his dream of becoming a famous musician. It is here where he meets his new roommate Dusty who is gay and Hensley- Dusty's best friend and who happens to be a girl. From the first moment Colby laid eyes on Hensley, he was in love and so the story goes with Colby trying to crack Hensley's outer shell and let her know he is for the loving and long-haul. He even brings her home and lets her into the one part of his life, he normally keeps hidden. However, being famous can change everything in a heartbeat as one night , the threesome are singing and a record producer spots Colby. He wants to make Colby a star - the only thing is , he just wants Colby and not the other two. This is where I really liked Colby and his morals and ethics as he was loyal to his new friends and declined the contract. Next thing he knows though is that Hensley has signed up with them, this annoyed me as it showed she was in it all for herself and nobody was standing in her way - not even the people who thought they were her friends. As the story goes on , will Colby ever get his chance at being famous or will his music and heart take on a different direction ? When Hensley finds out the truth behind her contract - will she stay with them or break it off and risk losing her fame and fortune ? I was a bit disappointed though in this novel as I thought I would read more of Colby singing rather than the building up of the romance between Colby and Hensley. However, if you are looking for a New Adult Country Romance with a hint of music - then peek inside "In the Lyrics" as it may be the book for you.



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