Review: Don't Talk To Strangers - Amanda Kyle Williams

Review: Don't Talk to Strangers - Book #3 Dr. Keye Street Series - Amanda Kyle Williams - July 2014.

One of my favourite genres that I like to read , though of course I am fussy when it comes to this particular genre is Crime and Mystery. They have to be fast-paced, not go on and on and on about the small details like forensic stuff - for example I can't read Karin Slaughter or Kathy Reichs for that reason. If you are a fan though of Lisa Gardner's books and Tess Gerritsen's then you will love Amanda Kyle Williams's series. When I saw that she had a new one coming soon, I knew I had to read it as I had loved the previous books in the series. Don't talk to Strangers takes Keye Street out of her comfort zone and into a small-town community which A) doesn't appreciate outsiders and B) lean towards the racism side as Keye is Chinese-American. Somebody is killing thirteen year old girls and a new body has been located - they think that they might have a serial killer on hand as this case's MO is similar to a body of a girl found who went missing ten-eleven years ago - 20 miles from the town Whisper. Keye is working hard to try and come up with something new, but it's no help when the sherrif's department are stone-walling her. What will happen though , when another girl goes missing who fits the criminal's MO ? Can Keye help the Sheriff capture the animal before this one's time is up ? What will happen when it turns out to be somebody the whole town trusted ? 
Find out in "Don't Talk to Strangers" by Amanda Kyle Williams. Another riveting mystery and crime thriller.



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