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Book Blitz : Stalkers - Part Two - Blog Stalker by Phil Taylor


Bio: Phil Taylor:
 Phil Taylor is a father of three, husband to one, and life-long smart ass to many. He has been well trained by his two dogs and a cat and is a loyal servant to them all. He has a Master's degree in Psychology and after trying stand-up comedy he turned to writing. His two fiction novels, White Picket Prisons and The Sneaker Tree are dedicated to the life-long friends that shaped his life. His third book, Fifty Shades of Phil, is the fifty best humor essays from the first eight years of his blog The Phil Factor



Excerpt from Blog Stalker:

The Phil Factor: Where Sarcasm Gets Drunk and Lets its Hair Down
Friday July 19, 2013
There’s More than One Way to Skin a Cat

Really? More than one way to skin a cat? Who the hell did that experiment? I hope his neighbors called the SPCA on him, or her. Secondarily, just out of curiosity, how many ways are there? Shouldn’t there be a saying that goes, “There’s 17 ways to skin a cat.” Sadly, there’s probably an instructional video on Youtube. Go on. I dare you to click that link.
Hey everyone, Happy TGIF! Any plans? I do. Besides going to a Green Day concert with my son tomorrow night I’ve made a date. No, I’m not cheating on my wife. I’m meeting Becca73 in a public place for coffee after work today. This issue needs settling and with my history as a mental health counselor I believe I can help rather than exacerbate the situation. Sometimes threats and punishments actually increase anxiety and acting out. More often if you treat people like adults with respect they actually act like adults. With my book coming out soon I don’t want to have to take down this blog and start over rebuilding an audience. Wish me luck.
Becca73 said: Oh Phil, you won’t need luck! ; )
Question Girl said: Phil, I appreciate that you have a professional background but I really don’t think this is a good idea.
Attila the Mom said: The cat stuff was funny, but the stalker stuff, not so much.
LLCoolJoe: I don’t know about this plan. I mean I know the crazy chicks are the best, if you know what I mean, but this is a crazy internet chick. That’s different.
Becca73 said: Joe, you sad little man. You’re just jealous. And you should be. Phil is in for some great coffee ; )
Natalia said: Dude, this is just totally wrong. Don’t do it.
Phil said: Natalia! C’mon, you know what you did wrong. Don’t make me block you! : )

Guest Post: 

Although I’ve written and published two novels, my favorite thing to write is my blog, The Phil Factor. I started blogging in 2005. I was sitting around the office having a sarcastic rant about something when a co-worker said, “You should blog about that.” So I did. As I blogged I got a lot of positive feedback from other bloggers about my writing, so I started my first novel, White Picket Prisons.
The idea for my contribution to the Stalkers anthology came from a series of blog posts I wrote in the week leading up to April Fools Day in 2006. On my blog I posted about an online stalker as if it were really happening and not fiction. As the posts progressed the “stalker” became more and more intrusive and agitated, as did my blog commenters who believed that it was real. On April Fools Day I revealed the story to be a hoax. Many of the commenters in the Blog Stalker story in the anthology are real bloggers who commented on my blog at the time. Some of the comments used in the story are real also. I’ve kept in touch with some of them and have let them know I was using the blogger pen name and some of their comments in the story. So far there are no lawsuits that I’m aware of.
Truth be told, I enjoy writing fiction, but if I had a dream scenario play out it would be my blog getting syndicated and run weekly in newspapers and websites across the country much like Pulitzer Prize winning author Dave Barry whom I had the good fortune to interview for my blog back in September. So yes, please buy Stalkers and all my books, but more importantly go read The Phil Factor and share it with your friends. And yes, I believe that it is possible to be addicted to hyperlinking.


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