VBT# The Hazards of a One Night Stand - Alyssa Rose Ivy


Review: The Hazards of a One Night Stand - Book #2 Hazards Series - Alyssa Rose Ivy- February 2014

Heartbroken after her long-time boyfriend Jake dumped her , Mallory has been going from guy to guy and having random hookups but what she never expected was that she would have a one night stand with her ex-boyfriend's brother Colton aka Colt. After a drunken escapade, the pair head to the barn and literally have a roll in the hay. They wake up the next morning and Mallory packs up and leaves heading back to College.  With the incident in her mind, she wants to leave it just as a one night stand and is glad that Colt isn't at her school and she turns her attentions to newcomer Tanner. Things will get a bit complicated for Mallory though, as Colt turns up enrolled at Harrison and happens to be rushing for her brother fraternity and the fraternity that Tanner belongs too. Can Mallory convince herself and Colt , that it was just a one night stand and that it really can't turn into something else ? This book makes the reader think , can One Night Stands really just be a once-off or will they lead to something more ? 
Find out in The Hazards of a One Night Stand by Alyssa Rose Ivy - Released today on Amazon.



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