VBT# Atlantis Rising - Gloria Craw


Review: Atlantis Rising - Gloria Craw - January 2015

One of the things I enjoy reading about is different cultures or in this case races , trying to blend into human life in order to survive. Hiding their true identites from the rest of the world.  All her life Alison has known that she is different and has the ability to place thoughts into people's heads. When she was eight years old, she met briefly someone who knew what she had done and he told her she was special and had to hide her secret as if she didn't dangerous things would happen. From then on, Alison has tried her best to become the invisible girl who know one notices. This year though, her perfect world is about to come crumbling down when people seem to be drawn to her and worst she can't put thoughts into her head. Turns out that these people are just like her and have been searching for her , as she is special and quite powerful.  Alison discovers that her birthplace was overrun by a Tyrant named Sebastian and her mother was the only person to ever stand up to him and was murdered shortly after Alison was born. If they have tracked her down though, it means Sebastian can too especially since her powers are becoming stronger. Can Alison be up to the challenge of learning about her past and history in order to stop Sebastian from hurting others and getting what he wants ? If you like fantasy and supernatural novels, then Atlantis Rising is the book for you. Do not be fooled though as it doesn't really have anything to do with Water Creatures as I originally thought looking at the cover and reading the title as Atlantis was the name of the lost city now supposedly hidden under water.



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