VBT# Behind the Stars - Leigh Talbert Moore

Review: Behind the Stars - Complete Boxed Set - Leigh Talbert Moore - December 2014

The Tagline for this series reads "Red Dawn Meets LOST" - All books must be read in order as they follow and connect the readers to the "Whole" story.
Also available as a serial , Behind the Stars is a new collection and tale from Leigh Talbert Moore who is known for her Mosaic Series. Behind the Stars is not normally a book I would have picked up, but since I have enjoyed this author in the past - I did. To give you a heads up, this book is a Science Fiction adventure and in a way reminded me of the TV series "Starcrossed". A group of aliens have invaded earth and especially the small community of Dabbs Creek . They have kidnapped the townspeople and split them into two groups - the ones that they needed are in a working camp and the rest of the community have been placed under a sleep serum and put underground. Phone calls have been made to outsiders , so that the incident isn't drawn any attention. The big question though is why are they here and what do they want ? Turns out that their planet is under attack and they need somewhere new to survive and live and the humans have been sourced to help them in their tasks to survive. Unlike the majority of them it seems that Prentiss is the only one who has not been affected by what was given to them all and is the only one actually conscious of what is happening around her. As the story goes on , we see people killed and people die - unintentionally though as well as Prentiss becoming closer to one of the captors - a guy named Gallatin and they both teach each other of their worlds and what is happening. Near the end of the series - we read of the escape but it turns out that things aren't really that simple as Prentiss is forced to make a decision - one that prior to this she had no doubts of what she would choose. Will she stand by Jackson and kill Gallatin or will she discover that her heart now belongs to Gallatin ? 
This was a fast-paced and action packed series and for someone who does not like Science Fiction or alien stories, I really enjoyed it. The action and adventure of the story makes the reader feel that they aren't just reading another sort of Alien race story.


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