Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: 1986 - Morgan Parker


Review - 1986 - Morgan Parker - June 2016

As I am not one normally for historical fiction and disaster books , I found this one quite a difficult read as also being set in Ukraine I found it hard to read as the book was quite slow-paced . As I began to read the book though, early on I didn't realise what the basis of the book would be about as it was more of a romance brewing between a group of friends - a love triangle of sorts as we meet Allana who escaped from America to move to Ukraine and marry her husband Vasy who is an engineer working for one of the major Nuclear Power Plants. During a house party, we meet Alex who is also from the States and is one of Vasy's closest friends at work. Allana and Alex have this kind of forbidden love glare going on and there is some kind of chemistry bubbling up between them but Allana is loyal to Vasy.  It wasn't till I got to about the middle and eventually the end of the book that I discovered that 1986 was actually a book about the lead-up to the famous Chernobyl disaster that rocked Ukraine in 1986. This is a fictional version of events, but as you read you can tell that the author Morgan Parker has done her research.  Personally , I found the book too slow-paced for me and even for a disaster novel it wasn't written with that punchy action feel. However, I believe that if you were doing a school project on Chernoybl and wanted to read a fictional account of lead-up events - 1986 by Morgan Parker is the way to go . It's like a My Story for Teens and Adults.

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