Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review: Finding London - Ellie Wade

Finding London

Review: Finding London - Book #1 Flawed Hearts - Ellie Wade - April 2016

You know how some books captivate you and make you want to read them, due to the cover - that to me was Finding London as I adored the abstract feel of the book cover with the different colours. I also have a thing for London like the main character and have wanted to visit there - it is on my bucket list of things to do. The main character Loic Berkely has lived a rough life as we read about how much his parents loved him and then this was cut short when they were killed. From there Loic was bounced between foster homes and different families , each one was a mission to survive in itself which obviously reasonated in his career choice of becoming a soldier in the military. The one word that has always kept him hope inside was "London" as his parents use to talk about it all the time. What Loic is about to discover though is that his London isn't the city but a girl who is the opposite of what he normally goes for , in fact Loic doesn't do relationships or romance at all as everything he becomes close to dies or leaves. Part of me liked this story as I loved the character of Loic and I wanted to be there for him through the pain and care for him , but the other part of me actually found reading Finding London - a difficult read as I tend to go for more fast-paced stories and I felt that this was too slow for me in parts and also I hate game-playing, it's ok for a little bit but I found this book quite full on as they would play mind games with one another which I didn't like as I feel there is no need for them. The other thing that got to me was London and her money, I know she was all for - I'm not one to just use my money and I want to get a job, but I felt that her character was trying to be two different people and the non-spoilt character wasn't really her.  However, if you are in the mood for brokenness , new adult , college fiction, summer love and a whole lot of Edginess and Angst then Ellie Wade's new book in her series Flawed Hearts "Finding London" is the read for you.

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