Friday, June 3, 2016

VBT# The Anatomy of Jane - Amelia LeFay

The Anatomy of Jane (WJM, #1)

Review: The Anatomy of Jane - Book #1 WJM - Amelia LeFay - May 2016

First off , I have to admit that I didn't realise that this book was going to have a M/M relationship or that it would eventually turn into a M/F/M relationship. However in saying that I don't normally enjoy reading those types of books but the way Amelia LeFay had written The Anatomy of Jane was amazing and I actually loved this book. I personally think it was the fact that The Anatomy of Jane wasn't focused purely on the sexual side of things but rather the fact that all three of them had a connection which eventually fell into the possible category of love and romance , a heart connection rather than just a sexual connection and I think that's what made me really enjoy this book more than anything. In The Anatomy of Jane, we meet Jane who has quit her job working as a bookkeeper etc at a strip club and is now hired as a maid for Maxwell Emerson - the news mogul and son of a Politician. The thing Jane is about to discover is the fact that he is bisexual and prefers Males and has been in a four year relationship with Wes - a chef and the son of two lesbians. No-one else is aware of the relationship and soon the relationship becomes a three way as they both enjoy Jane's company and find themselves attracted to her. The pair enjoy each other and are going well, and ready with an action plan to move forth when tragedy strikes leaving one of the three injured and in critical condition. Due to circumstances , will this break up WJM or will they band to be stronger ? I am hoping that possibly there will be a next book as I was really getting into the story and I am hoping that there will be a slight chance of a HEA ending for WJM - one way or another.
If you enjoy Sex , BDSM , Threesomes and GLBT but also that deeper connection of Romance, Heart and Soul then you will really enjoy what Amelia LeFay has to say with The Anatomy of Jane.

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