Friday, June 17, 2016

#VBT - Back to Yesterday - Pamela Sparkman

You know how you get some books and they look like they could be set in contemporary and now times and the story itself could easily into today's world but it happens to be set in what I consider the historical period - Back to Yesterday was one of those stories. I assumed that it was a modern day love story that wouldn't have a happy ending as you read the first chapter and then the next one has you realising that this book is in fact set in the 1940's with World War Two around the time of the Nazi's and that this is in fact a War Love Story. It also has you wondering then when you discover that is set around the war, whether or not it will be a happy ending or one of those "love stories" that could have been amazing but because of the war it tore it apart forever and shall remain shelved in the "What if" mysteries basket of love and romance. I have to personally admit that I am not normally one for historicals or books set in this time period as I often find them a bit hard going in the writing style and dry and heavy but I enjoyed Back to Yesterday and I think it was the strong relationship between Sophie and Charles and that no matter what obstacle was thrown in their paths, their love for one another stayed strong and it is one of those classic Gone with the Wind/ Pearl Harbour type love stories where from Day #1 you are rooting for the characters to survive through their days and overcome the rough patches as you know they are meant to be . Also I am a sucker for romantic stories and strong love and have to admit in parts of this book, my eyes were tearing up a tad.
If you love Romance, War Stories and True Love  /Second Chances and Perserverance - then grab your e-reader and use your mind to think "Back to Yesterday" as a book to read and/or add to your reading lists as you will not be disappointed.

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