Friday, June 17, 2016

VBT # It Started with a Whisper - Shannon McCrimmon

It Started With A Whisper

Review : It Started with a Whisper - Shannon McCrimmon - June 2016

From the old school type cover , as you open the pages we are transported back to the Summer of 1989 where we meet Josie who is 18 years old and at a crossroads in her life (literally). She is supposed to be spending the summer with her famous musician father and opening for his concert, however after seeing her favourite things become sucked in by the fame and fortune and not of the pure love of music. Josie has decided to quit the music business and turn her back on it , for Josie this is a difficult choice as she is a music prodigy. Instead she chooses a much quieter route to her Great-Aunt Bernie's Inn out in Ambler's Fork, North Carolina. Once she arrives , she starts to feel once again at home and an accident will have her falling in love as on her first day she nearly drowns and is saved by the handsome Chic Hobbs. Chic and his family work for Bernie doing odd jobs around the Inn and water activities. We learn that in a way Chic is like Josie, both hiding and trying to run away from their pasts and both wanting to start fresh and anew and have a second chance at life. Though this story is mainly about the relationship and friendship between Josie and Chic. I have to admit I had a strong soft spot for Dunny who is Chic's older brother as I too have a couple of siblings on the Autism spectrum and reading what Chic goes through with Dunny made me smile and remember what it's like at points with my siblings and when Dunny was picked on, or the event at the Comic-Con as Chic's blood ran wild - so did mine I could feel the same emotions that Chic had , the same with Chic wanting to protect his family from his father as again I am in the similar boat. Even though Shannon decided to set this book back in 1989, a lot of the events are able to be easily transported to whatever year you live in - except of course the good ol' VHS's which makes you remember that yes, you are reading a book set in the 80's. 
It Started with a Whisper was an amazing and touching story, that in places you will have your emotional state tested.

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