Thursday, June 9, 2016

VBT# The Rebellion Project - Sara Schoen

The Rebellion Project

Review: The Rebellion Project - Sara Schoen - June 2016

During her life up to High School , Lauren Scott has always meticulously followed the rules and has been known as the GG aka Goodie-Good and is the type of person who will tell tales if other's aren't following the rules. She has always believed as her parents and father especially taught her that rules are important and must be followed. This is all going to come crashing down though as she arrives home to find her father with another woman. Definitely not the type who has been practising what he preaches and this throws her whole life existence and what she believes out the window. This was the final straw for her mother who knew something was up and her parents get a divorce. During this time , the school jerk Kayden makes her life hell as he is the one who started the nickname and now told her whole life story to the school. When a tragedy strikes and Lauren is sent back to live with her dad, she decides that it's her time to shine and starts what's known as The Rebellion Project with the help of her best friend and the most rebellious person she knows : Kayden. He promises to help her out on one condition - he would be the one to pop her cherry so to speak. Lauren reluctantly agrees and therefore the story begins "The Rebellion Project". We kind of have a fair idea of what happens as we have read many of the good girl and bad boy stories in the past, but what will happen when we discover that it was Kayden's mother and yes, she is married to that was the "other woman" - the one who broke up Lauren's parents marriage ? Will this be the end of the Rebellion Project before it even has started or will it spark something else ?
Find out in this fun YA Transformation Novel and a Self-Journey to discovering who you really are as a person and not what your parents have defined you as .

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