Friday, June 17, 2016

VBT# The Sound of Us - Julie Hammerle

The Sound of Us

Review: The Sound of Us - Julie Hammerle - June 2016

There are seven scholarships for a full ride at Music College and Kiki has been gotten into Summer Camp for the Musically Inclined and has landed herself a part in the top group. More often than not, the people in the top group are the ones that the scholarships go for and she can't afford to mess this up as if she doesn't end up getting the scholarship, then she has to attend the University her father works at and they don't have a music programme at all. With music camp though, there comes a list of rules and at first Kiki thinks they won't apply to her as she isn't one for A) socialising and B) breaking the rules but what happens when her hormones come out to play and for the first time she finds herself caught in a triangle between not one, nor two but three guys and finds her first kiss with another. Can Kiki keep it under wraps and focus on her studies ? What will happen though when it turns out that there is a mole within the group who is intent on sabotaging the other contestants ? Will Kiki be one of the scholarship winners or will she discover along the course of the music camp - what really is important to her and where she truly belongs ? 
Find out in Julie Hammerle's musical read "The Sound of Us" .

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