Wednesday, June 8, 2016

VBT# Vanquished - S.E Green


Review: Vanquished - S.E. Green - November 2015

When I first saw this release , I was excited for two reasons - the first being the author as I loved her Spy Specialist series and also the first book in the Killer Instinct series . The second was the cover and the blurb. To me Vanquished is simply The Hunger Games meets Gladiator with the premise of Human Trafficking and Slavery.  Every year thousands of boys and girls go missing and are trafficked , they are then sold off to the highest bid for the bidder's personal enjoyment whether it be for slaves, entertainment or sex. In Vanquished , girls and boys are being sold off and taken to an island where they are being trained to become fighters or house slaves. The fighters are those who are strong and have the ability and strength , they are used for the pure entertainment of the rich and wealthy - they are taught to fight each other and after each match - only one can live , whereas the other must die. It's a fight for survival. Valoria and her sister are those who have been taken and now Valoria has landed on the island with one goal in mind, to find her sister and get her out of here alive. Valoria strikes a deal, that if she can win enough money - the amount she was brought for - her sister and Valoria can go free. What happens though when she recieves bad news ? Will she stop fighting for her freedom and give in or will she stay strong, and be the one to lead the others in the Island - the others Vanquished to freedom ?
This was an awesome and fast-paced read , that kept your attention from the very beginning to the very last page. S. E Green is a definite must read author to add to those 2016 reading lists if you haven't read her already.

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