Sunday, February 3, 2019

Review: Chalet Girls - Lorraine Wilson

Chalet Girls

Review: Chalet Girls - Lorraine Wilson - February 2017

As someone who can't ski, this has a little appeal to me as I think it would be fun to be a chalet girl and live in the snow. However, it looks like something is in the air with this round's Chalet Girls. We have Lucy who has escaped life in the Scottish highlands with her strict parents and is living her dream life in the snow surrounded by skiers and snowboarders. She even starts to fall in love with famous snowboarder Seb, but what will happen when just as she is getting close to him he is in an accident, and then tragedy hits her hometown? Sophie is engaged and should be happily planning her wedding, but her world is rocked when she learns due to an old rough boyfriend she can't get pregnant and looks like they are having trouble with the adoption agency due to her therapy sessions and place more stress on her, Thomas - the horrible ex is vacationing in Verbier.  Beth had lived a hard life and was raped when she was younger and now just as she gives her heart away; it looks like she has landed in bed with another lousy seed. Will Beth ever be able to move on and find Mr. Nice guy? We also have stories and snippets throughout the book from the other Chalet girls - Rebecca, Tasha, and Amelia.  Reading Chalet Girls also presented good memories as I had read years ago a few books in the Confessions of a Chalet Girl series by Lorraine Wilson.

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