Review: Pusher - Denise Jaden

Pusher (Living Out Loud #3)

Review: Pusher - Book #3 Living Out Loud (LOL) Series - Denise Jaden - May 2018
After Kass left  Eli's band at the end of Book #2, she hightailed it back home to her apartment she shared with her Dad only to discover it wasn't empty as it should be. Hope - Kass's half-sister has gotten herself caught up with the wrong people and now Kass wanting to be everyone's savior has landed herself in the middle of it all. In Kass's mind, if she helps Hope, she can repay Eli's band for the damage she caused.  Kass is about to discover that her half-sister is into something deep and part of a crew that sells "Options" to Teens in High School. As Hope has already graduated, she can't go back under, but Kass, on the other hand, is still at high school, so she reluctantly agrees.
Meanwhile, Eli is back home as his mother has taken a turn for the worst and it looks like this time, she might not come home from the hospital. This part touched me as I know what it's like as I was overseas when my mum ended up in the hospital, and this time she didn't come home. Eli wants to make sure Kass is alright as to him; she is his drug.  During the book, Eli also gets a job to help pay back Steve for the damage Kass made. I have to admit I hate the relationship between Kass and Eli as they are a toxic pairing at the least. We have Kass whose family is filled with Mental health issues, and she has a savior complex, wanting to be everyone's hero and save the day. Then we have Eli who acts like he is a tough guy who doesn't need his family, yet he is so eager to swoop in and save Kass from her troubles - yet, of course, she doesn't want to be saved at all and isn't asking him too.  I am interested to see the direction of this series, and I do Hope gets her penance as I hate her character also - she is a manipulative liar.


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