VBT# Triplicity - J.Mercer


Review: Triplicity - J.Mercer - January 2019

For me, I have to admit I struggled to finish this book as it was too much on a slower pace than I tend to read and I found the book itself too busy with the different characters tales intertwining and at times I was a tad confused on what was happening and more importantly which teen character was who and even at points found myself going is this character a guy or a girl ? Is he straight or gay? I found it hard at points to distinguish. However, this story was very much if you love character development, then perfect for you as the author goes into detail to provide readers with a strong background on every character. Triplicity is set on a cruise ship and follows a group of teens who have met for the first time on the cruise ship to Alaska. Each from a different background and each being forced for one reason or another to be a part of the cruise ship manifesto. During the book, a series of thefts occur on the ship and somehow each one point to the teens one way or another. Who is setting them up and why or is one of the teens the thief? Find out in Triplicity by J. Mercer as I leave you with this quote that featured at the beginning of the book "There are three sides to every story: Yours, Mine and the truth.


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